Actual offers on marketplaces

SkinPort SkinPort
$3.58 / 145
DMarket DMarket
$3.63 / 164
WaxPeer WaxPeer
$3.84 / 42
$3.88 / 3824
CsGoFloat CsGoFloat
$3.92 / 174
BitSkins BitSkins
$3.94 / 53
SkinBaron SkinBaron
$4.02 / 71
HaloSkins HaloSkins
$4.14 / 191
CSGO Market CSGO Market
$4.29 / 72
ShadowPay ShadowPay
$4.78 / 19
Steam Steam
$5.00 / 425

Price history at Steam


Historical summary

The AWP | PAW was first introduced to CS2 5 years ago, on August 1st, 2018. It was released as part of the "A New Horizon" update. The skin was created by the community designer "TheDanidem".


The AWP | PAW can be obtained by opening Horizon Case. This item is also part of The Horizon Collection.


The AWP | PAW is one of 127 other sniper rifle items. The rarity of the skin is Restricted, which makes drop PAW with an estimated drop chance of 15.985%.

Markets availability

The AWP | PAW, with its price of $0.87 to $69.99, is considered an economically priced skin. It's currently available for purchase in a range of markets with convenient access

Skin exteriors

The float value ranges from 0.00 to 0.50, which makes the skin available in all exteriors. For each exterior, there also exists a StatTrak version.

Skin appearance

This AWP skin has been painted in a "Anodized Multicolored" finish style, with the PAW finish. In this style, the candy coat may be applied in a multicolored pattern. In the real world, methods could include silk-screening or adherable stencils. Different pattern indexes have no effect on the PAW finish.