Anubis Collection Package

Anubis Collection Package
Base grade collection package

Actual offers on marketplaces

HaloSkins HaloSkins
$1.10 / 3933
CsGoFloat CsGoFloat
$1.14 / 206
ShadowPay ShadowPay
$1.17 / 3768
BitSkins BitSkins
$1.20 / 3789
SkinWallet SkinWallet
$1.25 / 235
SkinBaron SkinBaron
$1.33 / 2013
WaxPeer WaxPeer
$1.34 / 180
SkinPort SkinPort
$1.44 / 4778
DMarket DMarket
$1.56 / 1473
Steam Steam
$1.57 / 4646
CSGO Market CSGO Market
$1.58 / 161

Price history at Steam


Historical summary

The Anubis Collection Package was first introduced to CS2 1 year ago, on April 24th, 2023. It was released as part of the "Anubis Skins" update.


The Anubis Collection Package can not be obtained by opening any container. This item does not belong to any collection.


The Anubis Collection Package is one of 387 other container items. The rarity of the collection package is Base grade, which makes drop a pretty common occurrence in the game.

Markets availability

The Anubis Collection Package, with its price $1.1, is considered an economically priced collection package. It's currently available for purchase in a range of markets with convenient access